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OSI Reference Model

Application -File, printing, message, database, and application services.
Presentation -Data encryption / decryption, compression, and translating services.
Session -Dialog control.
Transport -End to end connection.
Network -Routing.
Data Link -Framing.
Physical -Physical topology.

Advantages of Using a Layered Model
  1. Allows a layer to be changed without impacting the rest of the model.
  2. Interoperability between network applications is improved by using a standard interface.
  3. Design and development efforts can be made in a modular fashion.
  4. Network operations and troubleshooting can be simplified.

Five Conversion Steps of Data Encapsulation     Data >> Segments >> Packets >> Frames >> Bits
  1. Upper layers convert and format the information into data and send it to the Transport Layer.
  2. The Transport layer turns the data into segments and adds headers then sends them to the Network layer.
  3. The Network layer receives the segments and converts them into packets and adds header information (logical addressing) and sends them to the Data Link Layer.
  4. The Data Link layer receives the packets and converts them into frames and adds header information (physical source and destination addresses) and sends the frames to the Physical Layer.
  5. The Physical layer receives the frames and converts them into bits to be put on the network medium.
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