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CCNA Cisco Certification boot camp.

Process Application Layer    

Defines protocols for node-to-node application communication and also controls user interface specifications. Consists of a set of services that provide ubiquitous access to all types of networks. Applications utilize the services to communicate with other devices and remote applications

Protocols and Applications
Port Protocol Description
23 Telnet Terminal Emulation (Telephone network)
21 FTP Allows file transfers between computers (File Transfer Protocol)
69 TFTP Have to know what you want and where it is on the server, no directory browsing, no user authentication (Trivial File Transfer Protocol)
2049 NFS Allows remote file systems to be mounted as local (Network File System)
25 SMTP Used to send mail between mail servers (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
515 LPD Used for print sharing of network printers with TCP/IP (Line Printer Daemon)
161 SNMP Collect and manipulates network information (Simple Network Management Protocol)
53 DNS Resolves FQDN to IP addresses (Domain Name Service)
67 BootP Used by diskless workstations to receive boot file and other information via TFTP
  DHCP Assigns IP addresses to hosts from a pool. Can send IP address, Subnet mask,
Domain Name, Default Gateway, DNS IP, WINS info. (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
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